Mount Sindoro, commonly called Sindara, or also Sundoro (peak height of 3,150 masl) (Javanese: ꦒꦸꦤꦸꦁꦱꦶꦤ꧀ꦢꦫ, translit. Mount Sindara) is an active volcanic mountain located in Central Java, Indonesia, with Temanggung as the closest city. Mount Sindoro is located side by side with Mount Sumbing. Mount Sindara can be seen clearly from the top of Sikunir Dieng.

There are a number of climbing routes to the top of Mount Sindoro in Central Java. One of the challenging routes but with beautiful views is via Alang-alang Sewu.

Climbing Mount Sindoro via the Alang-Alang Sewu route is a very impressive new route for climbing. Another advantage that only exists in this route is that there are springs that we can find when we arrive at post 2.

The Alang-Alang Sewu route is the right route if you want to climb Mount Sindoro with a sensation of an atmosphere that is not so crowded but offers such stunning views.

Named The Alang-Alang Sewu route because there are areas that are overgrown with grass or reeds, which is around the camp area post 3. In Post 3, apart from being used for the camp area, it is also used for Sunrise Hunter with very stunning views facing directly to the the direction of the “Sumbing Mount” which is so handsome. And of course this is a favorite spot to hunt for photos while enjoying the sunrise, therefore it is called “Sunrise Hunter”.


  • Local PP Transport Bus Terminal Mendolo – BC
  • Ojek from BC – Pos 1 (1x)
  • Trekking Ticket Registration (Simaksi pendakian)
  • Friendly Guide
  • Porters tents
  • Logistics Porter
  • Eating during trekking (L/D/B)
  • Eating before after trekking (B/L)
  • Equipment for eating and drinking
  • Tent capacity of 4-5 filled with a maximum of 4 people
  • Cookware (Stove, Nesting, Fuel)
  • Basecamp cleanliness
  • Welcome Drink (Tea / Coffee)
  • Standard First Aid Kid
  • New friends
  • New experience
  • Activity Documentation
  • Climbing Certificate (PDF Format)


  • Sleeping Bag (SB) / Mattress
  • Personal Porter
  • Eat during the Trip
  • Personal Equipment
  • Snacks and Mineral Water
  • Carrier
  • Trekking Shoes and Mountain Sandals
  • Socks
  • Sufficient pants and clothes
  • Duck Down / Waterproof jacket
  • Hats and Gloves
  • Flashlight / Headlamp
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Rubber / Aluminum Foil Mat
  • Personal Medicine
  • Toiletries / Worship
  • Gaiter
  • Raincoat / Raincoat
  • Dry Wipes
  • Spare Battery
  • Trashbags / Garbage Bags
  • Treking Pole
  • Sufficient Snacks and Water
  • Mask / Buff
  • Copy of ID card (1 sheet)
  • Original Health Certificate (Puskesmas, Clinic, Hospital)
  • Stamp 6000
  • Statement Letter (Last Page)
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