Mount Merbabu is a Strato-type volcano (see Volcano) which is geographically located at 7.5 ° S and 110.4 ° East. Administratively, this mountain is located in Magelang Regency on the western slope and Boyolali Regency on the eastern and southern slopes, Semarang Regency on the northern slope, Central Java Province.

Mount Merbabu is known through pre-Islamic manuscripts as Mount Damalung or Mount Pam (a) rihan. On the slopes there was once a famous hermitage and was visited by Bujangga Manik in the 15th century. According to etymology, “merbabu” comes from a combination of the words “meru” (mountain) and “abu” (ash). This name only appeared in Dutch records.

This mountain has erupted in 1560 and 1797. It was also reported that in 1570 it had erupted, but there has been no confirmation and further research. The peak of Mount Merbabu is at an altitude of 3,145 meters above sea level.


  • Local PP Transport Bus Terminal Mendolo – BC
  • Ojek from BC – Pos 1 (1x)
  • Trekking Ticket Registration (Simaksi pendakian)
  • Friendly Guide
  • Porters tents
  • Logistics Porter
  • Eating during trekking (L/D/B)
  • Eating before after trekking (B/L)
  • Equipment for eating and drinking
  • Tent capacity of 4-5 filled with a maximum of 4 people
  • Cookware (Stove, Nesting, Fuel)
  • Basecamp cleanliness
  • Welcome Drink (Tea / Coffee)
  • Standard First Aid Kid
  • New friends
  • New experience
  • Activity Documentation
  • Climbing Certificate (PDF Format)


  • Sleeping Bag (SB) / Mattress
  • Personal Porter
  • Eat during the Trip
  • Personal Equipment
  • Snacks and Mineral Water
  • Carrier
  • Trekking Shoes and Mountain Sandals
  • Socks
  • Sufficient pants and clothes
  • Duck Down / Waterproof jacket
  • Hats and Gloves
  • Flashlight / Headlamp
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Rubber / Aluminum Foil Mat
  • Personal Medicine
  • Toiletries / Worship
  • Gaiter
  • Raincoat / Raincoat
  • Dry Wipes
  • Spare Battery
  • Trashbags / Garbage Bags
  • Treking Pole
  • Sufficient Snacks and Water
  • Mask / Buff
  • Copy of ID card (1 sheet)
  • Original Health Certificate (Puskesmas, Clinic, Hospital)
  • Stamp 6000
  • Statement Letter (Last Page)
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